Batteria al piombo 12V 7.0Ah Ceb - 1

    Lead Acid 12V 7Ah battery

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    Lead acid battery 12V 7A Yamada dimensions L 151 x P 65 x H 95



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    12V 7Ah Yamada lead acid battery

    YAMADA lead-acid batteries with excellent reliability, in AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology with internal gas recombination, without emissions of acid vapors both in buffer use and in cyclic use, for example, portable equipment. This battery does not require maintenance as it is hermetic, and can be installed inside electronic equipment without further precautions, except that, in equipment with any type of lead acid battery inside, the container should not be hermetic. The single cell of each battery is equipped with a one-way safety valve, which guarantees the disposal of any internal gas overpressures, caused by incorrect use.
    Thanks to the excellent characteristics of the materials used for the production of YAMADA batteries, the loss of capacity in self-discharge is very limited.
    Due to the construction characteristics of the YAMADA batteries, their use is intended purely for the safety and elevator sector, where large discharge currents are not required.

    Reccommended uses with use in parallel or buffer:

    Emergency Lights, Security Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Telecommunications

    Uses not reccommended:

    Electric vehicles (CYCLIC USE), UPS / UPS


    Model: ELY7-12
    Voltage: 12 V
    Nominal capacity: 7 Ah
    Charging voltage at 20 °: 14.5-14.9V (CYCLIC use) / 13, 6-13,8V (BUFFER use)
    Max. discharge current: 40A (5 sec.)
    Charging voltage for cyclic use: 14.7 - 15.0 V
    Dimensions: L x W x H - HT: 151 x 65 x 95 - 101 mm
    Terminals: F1 Faston 4,8 mm
    Weight: about 1,9 Kg

    ATTENTION: The battery contains sulfuric acid. Care must be taken when manipulated. In case of accidental contact with acid, do not touch your eyes or mouth. Wash immediately with running water. Go to the hospital emergency room. The battery must be disposed of according to current regulations.

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