Shipping and returns

The Products purchased will be delivered from our office to the address indicated by the Customer. The customer is required to verify, upon receipt, that the packaging is intact without breakages and/or openings, and in case it is important to sign the courier's slip with reserve, indicating the problem and the name and signature of the carrier . The customer is also required to verify the conformity of the product, which corresponds to the one ordered. If, after this verification, it does not correspond or there are other problems, the customer is required to communicate to us and in case exercise the right of withdrawal within and no later than 10 days, as provided for by art. 64 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005. Delivery times are approximately 24/48 working hours for products ready for delivery. In the event of emergencies for various products, we recommend that you notify us of the request in advance by email. In the case of parcels that have entered storage, for reasons attributable to the customer, the courier will ship them to the sender after 8 days, charging the sender with expenses. If the customer has not given information to us or to the courier for the resolution, he will have to pay the shipping costs plus the costs incurred by us for the return to the office by the courier in order to get the ordered goods back.

Delivery costs

Shipping and/or delivery costs, where applicable, are charged to the Customer. Transport costs start from a minimum of € 6.50 including VAT. It is possible to consult the exact amount through the cart, once the shipping address has been entered. Shipping costs will be variable based on the weight of products ordered.

For disadvantaged places such as, Campione d'Italia, Livigno / Trepalle, Capri, Ischia, Cinque Terre, Elba Island, Giglio Island, Lampedusa, Pontine Islands, Levante, Pantelleria, Favignana, Lipari, Stromboli, Procida, Tremiti, Ustica, Venice (lagoon), surcharges will be applied. For addresses close to disadvantaged areas but which may fall within the standard rates, please contact us in advance.