Rex 2 Ajax white radio signal repeater

    Rex 2 Ajax white radio signal repeater

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    Rex 2 Ajax white radio signal repeater



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    Rex 2 Ajax white radio signal repeater

    Signal repeaters extend the boundaries of the protected area and offer greater freedom in choosing the location of security system devices. By connecting all or part of your devices1 to ReX 2, you can ensure the security and automation of a shopping mall, warehouse complex, large estate or large manufacturing facility.

    5 repeaters can operate in the Ajax system, expanding the coverage of the radio network to 35 km2 2. Alarms and events are delivered instantly and the first photo is delivered to users and the alarm reception center in just 10 seconds.</ p>

    Photo-verification of alarms

    ReX 2 works with MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor motion detectors. When activated, they take a series of photos and allow you to evaluate the situation on the plant. This saves users from unnecessary worries and the security institutions from sending a patrol when it is not needed.

    Privacy first and foremost

    The detector activates its camera only when the security system is armed and motion is detected. Images are protected by encryption at every stage of transmission. Photos are not processed or analyzed while stored on the Ajax Cloud server. The photo verifications can only be viewed by users with access rights to the event history and with push notifications activated, as well as by employees of the security company, if the security system is connected to the alarm reception centre.

    Guaranteed delivery of alarms and photo-verifications

    To ensure reliable communication, we equipped ReX 2 with four antennas and support for two proprietary radio protocols: Jeweler and Wings. Jeweler takes care of the transmission of commands, events and alarms, while Wings provides for the transmission of series of images. Ajax two-way radio communication uses framing to synchronize device communication, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against data leaks.

    Radio communication through steel and concrete

    With the OS Malevich 2.13 operating system update, the ReX 2 repeater can connect to the hub not only via radio signal but also via Ethernet, using the cable as the main or additional communication channel. This allows you to protect a facility such as an office center with underground parking, a multi-section metal hangar or a warehouse made up of several warehouses with a single Ajax system.

    Advanced security system

    ReX 2 works like an extra intelligent control panel: it connects devices to an autonomous group and takes control of them at the right time. Thanks to the automatic adjustment of signal intensity and frame synchronization, it is possible to connect any number of system devices to ReX 2, without affecting the reliability of communication. If for any reason radio communication with the hub is lost, the system will continue to operate via Ethernet. If communication via the cable is interrupted, ReX 2 will receive an alarm from the detector and activate a siren to attract attention and deter the thief.

    Ready to resist attacks from intruders

    ReX 2 is protected against software and hardware attacks. It runs OS Malevich operating system, which is immune to viruses. All data transmitted by the signal booster is encrypted. With a built-in backup battery, a sudden power outage in the facility will not be a problem.

    Evolving, never surpassed

    ReX 2 works thanks to the OS Malevich real-time operating system, developed by Ajax Systems. The system is extremely reliable, immune to viruses and protected from cyber attacks. The modular architecture allows for regular updates of OS Malevich. The operating system is updated over the air. The process does not require the work of an installer or user and takes place in a few minutes while the security system is disarmed.

    Hassle-free installation

    The process of connecting and configuring ReX 2 saves the installer a lot of time. To add a repeater to the system simply scan the QR code with the Ajax app, assign it a name, a room and an area. The device is also configured in the real-time application. If necessary, ReX 2 can be disabled or reconfigured without site visits.


    Model: Rex
    Color: white
    Gender: radio repeater
    Connection: wireless
    Installation: internal
    Compatibility: HUB 2 (2G), HUB 2 ( 4G), HUB 2 Plus, HUB Hybrid (2G), HUB Hybrid (4G)
    Compatibility with repeaterssignal repeaters: it is not compatible with signal repeaters, they must be connected to the HUB 2 control unit
    Maximum number of connected devices (in a system with a repeater): Hub 2 up to 99, Hub Hybrid up to 99, Hub 2 Plus up to 199
    Number of repeaters that can be connected to the control panel: max 5
    Operating system: OS Malevich
    Power supply: 230Vac
    Integrated backup battery: Li-Ion 2 Аh
    />Offline autonomy: up to 38 hours without ethernet, 12 hours with ethernet
    Range: 1700m in free area without interference
    Jeweler communication technology: 866.0 – 866.5 MHz / 868.0 – 868.6 MHz / 868.7 – 869.2 MHz / 905.0 – 926.5 MHz / 915.85 – 926.5 MHz / 921.0 – 922.0 MHz (depends on country of sale)
    Maximum effective radiated power (ERP): ≤ 20 mW
    Detector polling period: 12 - 300 s
    Operating temperature: -10°С to +40°С
    Connection via Ethernet: yes, speed 100mbps, available with OS Malevich 2.13
    Anti-tamper systems: Anti-counterfeiting protection, Inhibition detection, Tamper-resistant
    Dimensions: 163 × 163 × 36 mm
    Weight: 330gr
    Operating humidity: up to 75%

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