HUB 2 Ajax 4G alarm kit

    HUB 2 Ajax 4G alarm kit white

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    HUB 2 Ajax 4G alarm kit



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    HUB 2 Ajax 4G alarm kit white

    Designed to protect homes, apartments, offices and commercial properties from intrusion. The kit includes the Hub 2 (4G) intelligent control panel, the MotionProtect motion detector, the DoorProtect opening detector and the SpaceControl remote control with panic button.

    The starting point for maximum protection

    StarterKit (4G) represents the basis for building a complete security system that protects against intrusions. It can be connected to up to 100 detectors or devices of various types and 25 cameras or DVRs. Thanks to the additional devices, the kit can be used in spaces of any size: two-level apartments, three-storey villas, offices, shops, bars, warehouses.

    Send instant alarm

    Communication between connected devices and the hub is guaranteed by Jeweler wireless communication technology. Allows you to position detectors up to a distance of 2000 meters. Jeweler technology prevents radio signal substitution and eavesdropping, encrypts data and is able to detect inhibition attempts. If an accident occurs, the detector transmits an alarm to the hub in 0.15 seconds and then sends it via one of three communication channels (Ethernet and two SIM cards with LTE support) to the user's smartphone and the Alarm Receiving Center (CRA).

    Easy installation

    A professional installer can install StarterKit (4G) in 30 minutes. Installation requires minimal effort and very few tools. All devices are ready to use straight away: they have predefined settings and come with pre-inserted batteries. The interactive installation wizard available on the application helps you connect detectors and test detection zones. If you need expert help, you can contact the installers.

    Flexible access settings

    StarterKit (4G) can be controlled via remote control and via the free app for iOS and Android. It supports up to 50 users, who can arm and disarm the system, invite other users to monitor, receive notifications and respond to alarms. The system administrator controls access and can limit the rights of other users.

    Professional protection

    Security companies accept StarterKit (4G) connection requests to the monitoring console. In the event of an alarm, the rapid response team arrives on the scene within 3–7 minutes to stop the intruder. Security experts offer continuous protection through the answering service in case of use of the panic button, which can be ordered as an additional option.


    Kit composition: 1 x Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller, 1 x MotionProtect Jeweller, 1 x DoorProtect Jeweller, 1 x SpaceControl Jeweller
    Maximum number of connected devices: 100
    Maximum number of users: 50
    App: iOS 13.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above
    Alarm signal reception time: 0.15s
    Jeweller radio technology: communication range with the central unit up to 2000 m in open spaces, two-way communication between devices.
    Radio frequency bands: 866.0 – 866.5 MHz / 868.0 – 868.6 MHz / 868.7 – 869.2 MHz / 905.0 – 926 .5 MHz / 915.85 – 926.5 MHz / 921.0 – 922.0 MHz (depends on country of sale)
    Maximum effective radiated power (ERP): ≤ 20 mW
    Encryption: a blocks based on AES algorithm
    Detector polling period: 12 - 300 s
    Communication channels: Ethernet, 2G (GSM900/DCS1800 (B3/B8)), 3G (WCDMA 850/900/2100 (B1/B5/B8)), LTE (FDD B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20)
    SIM card supported: micro SIM
    Video surveillance: up to 25 cameras or DVR supported

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