12V 1000W 220V soft start inverter

    Inverter 12V 1000W 220V

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    12V 1000W 220V soft start inverter

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    Inverter with modified (square) wave 12V 1000W 220V soft start

    These inverters are soft start power inverters, i.e. devices that transform a direct voltage of 12V, typically supplied by one or more accumulators, into an alternating voltage of 220V AC 50Hz suitable for powering various electrical devices. These power inverters are products built with state-of-the-art components and circuits that guarantee their high quality, weight and small size. They are rugged and equipped with protection circuits against output overload, overheating, output short circuit and input overvoltage. Despite this, to ensure proper operation and avoid damage to the power inverter, connected devices and people, it is necessary to provide adequate and professional installation.


    Input: 11-15 Vdc
    Low battery alarm: yes, 10.5V + - 0.3V
    Overvoltage shutdown: yes, max 15-16V
    Output: 230 Vac 50Hz
    Continuous power: 1000 W
    Maximum starting power: 2000 W
    USB output: yes, 5V 500mAh
    No-load power consumption: & lt; 0.45 Ah
    DC input fuse: 3 X 40 A
    Output socket: N. 2 Schuko
    Weight: 1881 gr
    Dimensions: 242 x 165 x 70mm
    Connection cables: supplied
    Alarms: automatic shutdown for low battery, overvoltage, short circuit and overheating.

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