Resistance 3.3 Kohm 0.25W 5%
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    Resistance 3.3 Kohm 0.25W 5%

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    Resistor 3.3 Kohm 0.25W 1/4W precision 5%



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    Resistance 3.3 Kohm 1/4W tolerance ± 5%

    The Carbon Layer Resistor Series offers excellent long-term stability and features standard solder-on tinned copper conductors. Carbon film is the most common axial leaded resistor which is used for applications that do not require high accuracy and high temperature sealing. These resistors are made from molded carbon powder mixed with a phenolic resin to bond and create a uniform resistive body. They are then surrounded by an insulating case on which the colored bands that indicate the value are imprinted. Each of the colored bands has a specific meaning. The first two colors provide the basic resistor value, the next gives the multiplier and the final band the tolerance. If a resistance has five bands, it is a more precise resistor, in which the first three bands represent the base values ​​and the fourth and fifth represent the multiplier and tolerance respectively.


    Resistance: 3.3 KΩ
    Power: 0.25W
    Tolerance: ± 5%
    Max working voltage: 250V
    Max impulse voltage: 500V
    Outputs : axial
    Working temperature: -55 ° C / +155 ° C
    Colored bands: orange - orange - red - gold

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