Varta Ultra Lithium AAA 1.5V lithium battery 6103301402

    Varta Ultra Lithium AAA 1.5V lithium battery

    Reference: 6103301402
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    Varta Ultra Lithium AAA 1.5V lithium battery 6103301402



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    Pack of 2 AAA 1.5V Varta ultra lithium batteries

    Varta lithium batteries designed for use in applications that require the use of a device for an extended period of time with high performance, such as cameras, remote controls and alarm systems. These batteries are free of heavy materials, have an exclusive structure that makes them safe and with low environmental impact.

    With a weight reduced by up to 38% compared to VARTA ULTRA alkaline lithium batteries they are perfect for sports and outdoor use and work exceptionally well in extreme conditions.

    You can rely on them whether you are playing with your kids using walkie-talkies or taking photos with your digital camera during an adventure trip in extreme temperatures.

    They also work perfectly with safety devices such as smoke detectors.

    Top quality for high-energy needs to keep you independent in all areas of life.


    Brand: Varta
    Original code: 6103301402
    Model: ultra lithium
    Voltage: 1.5V
    Pack quantity: 2 batteries
    Format: AAA
    Capacity: 1100 mAh
    Weight: 7.3gr
    Estimated life: approximately 15 years

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