Triple 17.5dB 5G UHF TV Antenna

    Triple 17.5dB 5G UHF TV Antenna

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    Triple 17.5dB UHF antenna especially suited for DVB-T signals. Quick click assembly.


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    Triple 17.5dB 38 element UHF TV antenna

    This antenna is designed to receive digital and analog TV signals in residential and commercial environments. The antenna has a length of 1050 mm and can be easily installed on walls or L-shaped supports.

    In addition, the antenna is designed to withstand bad weather and the elements, thanks to its robust aluminum structure and its resistant plastic outer jacket.

    It is compatible with a wide range of TV devices, including digital TVs, flat screen TVs, set-top boxes, and DVD players. Furthermore, the antenna is easy to install and can be easily orientated to get the optimal TV signal. Thanks to this TV antenna, users can enjoy superior picture and sound quality, even in environments where the TV signal is weak or noisy. Already equipped with frequency cut for the new 5G telephone signals.


    Number of elements: 38
    Frequencies: 4th and 5th UHF band, channels 21-48
    Gain: 15.5 - 17.5dB max
    Frequencies: 470-694 MHz
    Length : 1050 mm
    Treatment: antioxidant, anticorrosive
    Type of assembly: pole with 60mm clamp
    Weight: 1.52Kg
    Connector: F

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